Exploring Libreté: Brutalism in RPG Graphic Design

While previous installments of Exploring Libreté have focused on key game mechanics and the language used for them, this time I want to talk about how the game looks. In particular, I’d like to explain how I used basic principles of information design and presentation to create a layout that puts everything important right whereContinue reading “Exploring Libreté: Brutalism in RPG Graphic Design”

Exploring Libreté: Lost (and Found) in Translation

As anyone following the project likely knows, Libreté was originally written in French. Vivien Féasson is a gifted translator, but RPGs often make use of made-up words in their systems and story that can be hard to find approximations for. Similarly, Vivien’s clever wordplay in French did not always translate directly into English. This leftContinue reading “Exploring Libreté: Lost (and Found) in Translation”

Exploring Libreté: What’s Bile?

Anyone familiar with the Apocalypse World series of games will have no trouble picking up the basic mechanics of Libreté: PCs attempting to affect the world roll 2d6 and add relevant bonuses, trying to score above or within a range of numbers. This is a simple, elegant system suited for games that emphasize narration–a naturalContinue reading “Exploring Libreté: What’s Bile?”

Introducing Libreté: Round Two!

A few months ago, GMDK launched our most ambitious project to date: a full-English translation of Vivien Féasson’s Libreté. A week later, realizing we weren’t going to hit our funding goal, we cancelled it. Where had we gone wrong? In hindsight, quite a few places. Our Quick-Start Guide wasn’t fully edited and laid out, andContinue reading “Introducing Libreté: Round Two!”

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