The Demon Collective, Vol. 1

Four Writers.

Four Adventures.

Endless Ways to Die.

From the creative minds of Camilla Greer, Mabel Harper, Comrade Pollux, and David Shugars come an anthology of horror adventures, system-neutral and designed to be easily slotted into existing campaigns or run as one-shots for both new and experienced parties.

  • 53 pages of gaming material
  • 4 adventures, each providing approximately 3-5 hours of game time
  • 15 original magic spells
  • 20 magic items
  • 14 original B/W illustrations
  • Worldbuilding tables of hooks and rumors to entice your players

EXPLORE the ancient wizarding school under sinister new management and solve the mystery of the missing children in NIGHT SCHOOL.

CRAWL into the depths of a long lost tomb in search of powerful occult rituals—but be silent in your pillaging, else you wake the Vampire Princess and her deathless subjects in SHE’S NOT DEAD, SHE’S ASLEEP.

HACK your way through possessed cultists to save a quiet town from a fate worse than death in BAD FAITH.

SNEAK through the ruins of an ancient dwarven library, avoiding both the shadows of the past and larger, hungrier threats in HUSH.

An All-Star Team

The Demon Collective, Vol. 1 is expertly illustrated in stunning high-contrast black and white by Lauren Bryce and thoroughly mapped by Shay and Odysseus Jones. Edited by the inimitable Fiona Geist (Ultraviolet Grasslands, Silent Titans, MOTHERSHIP).

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