Introducing Libreté: Round Two!

A few months ago, GMDK launched our most ambitious project to date: a full-English translation of Vivien Féasson’s Libreté.

A week later, realizing we weren’t going to hit our funding goal, we cancelled it.

Where had we gone wrong? In hindsight, quite a few places.

  • Our Quick-Start Guide wasn’t fully edited and laid out, and we made the baffling decision to put it as a stretch goal instead of using it to entice potential backers.
  • Our books were expensive, because we wanted to do a4 hardcovers. Our shipping costs were subsequently pricey as well.
  • While Libreté has gotten many good reviews from players and gaming publications, most of them are in French and we expected backers to go through the trouble of translating them.
  • We launched on the same day as Root and Heart, two excellent games by popular creators with established settings and fan bases.

What a lot of this says: we tried to crowdfund a game without having anything to show for it. We expected our passion for the project to support a $15,000 investment by the community. Thus dejectedly we cancelled the project halfway through, and focused our attention on making the inevitable relaunch as good as possible.

Beloved readers, we believe we’ve done just that. Introducing the new and improved Libreté: going LIVE January 7th, 2020 at 10AM Eastern!

What makes this relaunch different?

  • Better form factor. After our most recent editing pass, we realized that the a5 book size fitted the game much better. It also cuts down on both the print cost and shipping cost, as we’ll be going with softcover instead of hardcover.
  • Less expensive books. Thanks to the savings mentioned above, we’re able to offer the base game book for $25, nearly half what we were charging before. We’ve decided to include the Quick Start Guide in the main book as well, instead of as a separate zine. This means everyone—print and PDF backers—can go straight from the introductory session to the main game without flipping back and forth between multiple files.
  • Smaller funding goal. Less expensive books+a better production timeline means we need far less money to make this successful.
  • We’re releasing the Quick Start Guide ahead of time, completely free. Want to try before you buy? The Libreté Quick Start Guide is a 15-page PDF that includes everything you need to run: rules, character playbooks, and an adventure designed to gradually and easily introduce the concepts of the game to all players. If you like what you see, consider backing the full game—or hack the Quick Start Guide and keep the story going with your own homebrew ideas.

Click here to get the Libreté Quick Start Guide and begin your adventure!

  • We’ve translated reviews of the original game. We’ll be posting those one-by-one in the weeks before the campaign commences so you can get an idea of the sort of RPG innovations Libreté brings to the table.

To catch every bit of news regarding the re-launch, follow GMDK on Twitter and keep an eye on this blog where we’ll be posting information every few days.

As always, thank you all for your love and support. GMDK could not exist without its fans, and we hope we can repay that kindness by putting out great games you can’t find anywhere else.

Published by Dai Shugars

Publisher of fine tabletop RPGs, proudly showcasing the talent of marginalized writers, artists, and designers in tabletop gaming.

One thought on “Introducing Libreté: Round Two!

  1. Hello! I received this email but don’t seem to have a password. I am curious as to what round two is going to look like.




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